Activities you can do on our island.

Scuba diving in the blue waters
Several visitors of Alonissos try to explore the seabed through the diving centers that exist, the waters of Alonissos are emerald. Many shipwrecks, reefs and rare corals are some of what's hidden on the seabed and are waiting for you to explore.


Visit to the Historical and Folklore Museum
In the Museum you will see a rich collection of objects from war and pirate ships and in the basement of the same building is housed the Folklore Museum (0030 24240 66250) with traditional objects of Alonissos, easy to find, is on the left as you look at the harbor.


Discover the Castanorama Gorge
The gorge begins from a location called Kastania as a small narrow river bed but soon turns into a snaking canyon that carries the landscape deep into steep cliffs and cliffs. Though the soil is very rocky trees and shrubs spring everywhere. There are many argent and maple trees (Montpellier) in the canyon and in November when the maple leaves get orange the spectacle is wonderful.


Pedestrian routes
There are also several signs on the main road of the island that will help you, but you can also find a guide to help you.


Excursions to the islands of the Marine Park
Rib Cruises Valtas gives you the opportunity to tour, through sea excursions and boat rentals, in the most beautiful parts of Alonissos. Our great love for the sea and our island, led us to engage in tourism and organize day trips to beaches and famous sights of Alonissos.

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Kayaking, canoe, SUP and other water sports