In Alonissos you will be everywhere magically. Exclusive family businesses will cook homemade food from mother and grandmother's hands, lobsters, shells and fresh fish do not cost a fortune; olive oil is everywhere organic and cold-pressed since it only produces the local olive press and every house and shop makes its own tone of Alonissos - with the taste of another freshness.


Don't miss to try:

almond in a sheet sprinkled with lemon and orange juice, lemon or orange juice, canary leaf and nutmeg


Alonissos tune
in its homemade version, which has another flavor than the standard


Traditional pies
Cheese pie, alonissioti cheese pie, pies with herbs, apple pie etc


Crayfish, squid and various fish meadows
from the boats that bring fresh fish every day


Local goat from Alonissos